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Design Thinking

This course will introduce you to design thinking, a method and paradigm for creative problem solving and routine innovation. Design Thinking emphasizes divergent and convergent thinking across collaborative processes to construct ideas for societal impact. Students in this course will: (1) build creative competence, (2) appreciate the value of failure, risk, and experimentation, and (3) gain competence in adapting design thinking processes and tools within their disciplines and contexts of interest.

Students will be able to:
●  Develop awareness of design in everyday life and see the possibility of change.
●  Explore design approaches across disciplines and within historical context.
●  Practice framing problems, distilling insights, and scoping design challenges.
●  Apply uncover experiences and develop empathy using qualitative methods.
●  Develop skills for prototyping, fabricating, and mocking up ideas through an iterative process
●  Test ideas as well as develop quantitative and qualitative criteria for evaluation