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Everyone can code. No experience required. Learners in our coding pathway develop the technical and professional skills to create mobile apps to share with the world.

This pathway places learners in an authentic workplace environment where they will develop and apply problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills and understand industry best practices, like paired programming, the agile development cycle, and rapid iteration. Young developers in this pathway build their app portfolios, analyze errors in their code, and adjust to solve problems. 

After building their baseline of proficiency in Swift, learners have the opportunity to further refine their development and entrepreneurial skills by forming development teams and building apps for actual customers. 

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Click here to contact Alice James for more information about the Coding Pathway.



MobileMakersEDU iOS App Development

Meeting Time

Tuesday and Thursday mornings all year

Course Description

Throughout this course, students build mobile apps for Apple’s mobile devices using the language and tools of professionals – Swift and Xcode. Students experience an authentic workplace environment applying the skills of problem-solving, collaboration, and communication to industry best practices, like paired programming and rapid iteration. Students apply the same development cycle as those in the workplace, which means students build an app, analyze errors in code, and adjust to solve for problems. To do this well, they must develop their resourcefulness and collaborate with their peers. Upon completion, students can sit for their App Development with Swift, Level 1 certification from Certiport and/or can opt to sit for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.




Futures Lab Seminar

Meeting Time

2020-2021 (all semesters, AM & PM)

Course Description

Come get unschooled. Let your curiosity and imagination guide your learning journey as you develop skills and mindsets necessary to build a better world.

Through engaging, relevant, and authentic projects, students will hone workforce readiness and professional skills, by working on dynamic and collaborative teams. Entrepreneurship and literacy are integrated through examination of personal strengths and areas of growth via investigation into the topics of resilience, self-awareness, and communication. These areas have been identified through collaboration with industry partners and higher education professionals.  This course will provide 5 credits toward the Language Arts graduation requirement, as well as 1 CSU Introduction to Business credit.

This is a semester long course that will allow students to integrate literacy, entrepreneurship, and essential professional skills. Students will engage in units that will explore self-awareness, communication, and resilience throughout the course.  Within each of these units students will have the opportunity to analyze and create written pieces reflective of topics relevant to them.

Course ID: 2410CECSU

Graduation Requirement
Concurrent Enrollment