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Architecture, Construction, & Engineering


Are you a designer, builder, or creator? The Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Pathway integrates technical and hands-on skills to prepare you to enter careers in building trades.

Learners in this pathway will have the opportunity to work with local mentors on personally developed projects as well as partner with professionals in the workplace. Learners will be able to experience all aspects of the construction trade from developing a concept to marketing and selling a final product. 

In addition to the technical skills, learners will be able to earn their Autodesk CAD certification as well as OSHA-10 and NCCR Core certifications.

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Design/Build 1

Meeting Time

Wednesday and Friday afternoons all year

Course Description

This class is in active development. We anticipate participants will experience all aspects of the construction trades through the design, build, and eventually the marketing and sale of student created projects. This course includes exposure to design, framing, plumbing, electrical, and finish work as well as the marketing and sale of the final product. We are working with local partners and hope to offer students the opportunity to earn their Autodesk CAD certification as well as OSHA-10 and NCCR Core certifications as a component of this course.



Futures Lab Seminar

Meeting Time

Q1 & Q3 - 10:45 - 12:15, 2:15 - 3:45

Course Description

Come get unschooled. Let your curiosity and imagination guide your learning journey as you develop skills and mindsets necessary to build a better world.

Through engaging, relevant, and authentic projects, students will hone workforce readiness and professional skills, by working on dynamic and collaborative teams. Entrepreneurship and literacy are integrated through examination of personal strengths and areas of growth via investigation into the topics of resilience, self-awareness, and communication. These areas have been identified through collaboration with industry partners and higher education professionals.  This course will provide 5 credits toward the Language Arts graduation requirement

This is a semester long course that will allow students to integrate literacy, entrepreneurship, and essential professional skills. Students will engage in units that will explore self-awareness, communication, and resilience throughout the course.  Within each of these units students will have the opportunity to analyze and create written pieces reflective of topics relevant to them.

*NCAA Course Information for Counselors

Graduation Requirement