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Business & Innovation

Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Microsoft all started with a wild idea in their founder’s garage. Come develop, validate, incubate, and accelerate your wild ideas in the Business and Innovation Pathway.

Learners in this zero-barrier pathway will develop an entrepreneurial mindset in this start-up style hub for innovation. Young entrepreneurs will partner will local businesses and community mentors, work in high-performing teams, and learn the ins and outs of project management. Learners will foster the courage to take on the unexpected and to ultimately develop businesses for a better world.

Learners in this pathway will also be able to earn their Entrepreneurship & Small Business certification offered through Certiport.

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Click here to contact Kelly Williams for more information about the Business & Innovation Pathway.

Business Incubator

Meeting Time

Wednesday and Friday mornings all year

Course Description

Business Incubator is an engaging program that teaches entrepreneurship through the process of new venture creation. Students have the opportunity to create and develop their own product or service and are supported by community entrepreneurs and business experts that serve as coaches and mentors. This course will assist students in development of the mindset, skills, and tools necessary to create change, improve the world, and make a difference in your life as well as the lives of those around you. We are currently working with higher education partners to allow students to earn concurrent enrollment credit for this course.



Futures Lab Seminar

Meeting Time

2020-2021 (all semesters, AM & PM)

Course Description

Come get unschooled. Let your curiosity and imagination guide your learning journey as you develop skills and mindsets necessary to build a better world.

Through engaging, relevant, and authentic projects, students will hone workforce readiness and professional skills, by working on dynamic and collaborative teams. Entrepreneurship and literacy are integrated through examination of personal strengths and areas of growth via investigation into the topics of resilience, self-awareness, and communication. These areas have been identified through collaboration with industry partners and higher education professionals.  This course will provide 5 credits toward the Language Arts graduation requirement, as well as 1 CSU Introduction to Business credit.

This is a semester long course that will allow students to integrate literacy, entrepreneurship, and essential professional skills. Students will engage in units that will explore self-awareness, communication, and resilience throughout the course.  Within each of these units students will have the opportunity to analyze and create written pieces reflective of topics relevant to them.

Course ID: 2410CECSU

*NCAA Course Information for Counselors

Graduation Requirement
Concurrent Enrollment