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Who is the Futures Lab for?

Futures Lab is for you if you recognize yourself in any of these statements?

  • "I'm going to college and I know what I want to do..." Fantastic! Futures Lab will provide opportunities to engage in deep, self-directed learning around a specific area of interest.

  • "I plan to go right to work after high school..." You're in the right place. Futures Lab offers the chance to build career skills in a hands-on setting. Whether you want to build a business, an app, a drone, or a net-zero tiny house, we offer pathways leading to industry-recognized credentials in a variety of in-demand areas.

  • "I don't know what I want to do after high school..." We get it! If you are looking to try some stuff and see what clicks, you will fit right in at Futures Lab. Come explore your options while developing the skills and experience employers and post-secondary schools are looking for.

Is Futures Lab a school?
Not exactly. Futures Lab is a PSD program. We are similar to a school in that our classes all offer credits that count toward PSD graduation in multiple areas. However, since we are not a school, we do not have full time students which means we don't have a graduating class. We believe that we offer the best of both worlds: Students remain enrolled at their base high school and take classes at both locations. 

What courses will be available in 2020-2021?
In addition to our current classes, Futures Lab will expand our offerings significantly. Take a look at our Courses page to learn more.

How can I participate in Futures Lab programs?
The Futures Lab team is working to develop our enrollment process for 2020-2021 in partnership with high school counselors and work-based learning coordinators. More info will be coming prior to registration.

Are there grade point average or admissions requirements?
The Futures Lab is a zero-barrier learning opportunity. There are no GPA, attendance, or other minimum requirements to participate in Futures Lab. If you have a unique situation, let's chat about how to make it work.

What does the class schedule look like for students taking courses at the Futures Lab?
For 2020-2021, Futures Lab classes will meet every day either in the morning or afternoon. We will offer both full-year and semester-long pathways to accommodate students' needs.

Where will it be located?
During its inaugural year, the Futures Lab operates out of Fort Collins High School. We are thrilled to have our very own location for 2020-2021 and are in the process of renovating a space that PSD owns near Timberline and Prospect.

Do students earn high school or college credit?
Students taking courses at the Futures Lab will earn high school credit. Many of our courses also offer Concurrent Enrollment opportunities through our higher education partners at AIMS, FRCC, and CSU.

What if I don't drive or have transportation? How do I get to and from Futures Lab?

Transportation will not be a barrier for students who want to attend Futures Lab. PSD will provide transportation for students who need it to and from the student's base high school. 

Where does funding for the Futures Lab come from?
PSD is working with multiple sources of funding for this program that may include a portion of the 2016 bond premium. All projects included in the original 2016 bond program will be fully funded. The Futures Lab project will not divert funding from the $40 million in planned improvements to all PSD schools, or from construction of futures projects that include three new schools, a transportation maintenance facility and an athletics complex.

The PSD Foundation provided $70,000 in startup funding for the launch of our MobileMakersEDU™ iOS App Development. The donation covered initial implementation costs including hardware for students, curriculum development, and teacher training.