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Come fly with us in Spring '22!

The team at the Lab is excited to share an opportunity coming up for new and current Futures Lab students in          Spring 2022. Given the high level of interest in our Aviation pathway, we are planning to open a new section that will “take off” in January 2022. If you’re interested in joining us for the first time, or you’d like to continue at the Lab but you’re not sure what to sign up for, this is a fantastic option.

   A few more details if you’re interested in Aviation at the Lab:

   Q: Who is this program for?
   A: Our Aviation Pathway appeals to a broad range of interests. We have students planning for careers as commercial pilots and air traffic controllers, we have several planning to enter the military or attend the Air Force Academy. We also have students who are primarily interested in earning their drone license so they can apply those skills to a job or other area of interest like film making or forest management. And, of course, we have several who just think drones and flight simulators are cool (They are!) and who were excited about learning to fly them.

Q: How many credits will I earn?
A: Students in our Aviation Pathway will earn 5 Elective credits, 5 Fine & Applied Arts credits, and new Futures Lab students will also earn 5 Language Arts credits through enrollment in Futures Lab Seminar. (Returning students are not expected to take Seminar again.) In addition, students in Aviation will earn 3 concurrent enrollment credits at Aims Community College for AVT 155 - UAS Flight Operations. These credits transfer directly to Aims Flight School for those students interested in continuing to pursue careers in aviation.

Q: What certification will I earn?
A: Students in Aviation who are over the age of 16 are eligible to sit for the FAA Part 107 certificate exam. This certificate is your license to operate a small unmanned aircraft (aka drone) commercially. Futures Lab will pay for your testing if you meet our established criteria.

Q: When does this Pathway happen?
A: Futures Lab runs a morning and an afternoon session each semester. The Spring 2022 section of Aviation will happen in the morning session. Aviation classes will happen from 9:15–10:45 and, depending on what other credits you take with us, you could be here until 12:15. Transportation will be available between your home campus and the Lab.

Q: This sounds fun, but what about these core credits I need to finish at my home campus?
A: In order to ensure Futures Lab programs are accessible to as many students as possible, we offer a handful of 5-credit graduation options while you’re with us. These are not online courses - they are taught by Futures Lab instructors with a unique approach that connects the content to your chosen pathway. For Spring '22, we offer the following graduation options: Humanities, Creative Writing, Economics, and Finance.

Q: How do I sign up and get my schedule changed?
A: That’s the kind of energy we love at the Lab! Fill out the interest form and our counselor, Bethany Condon, will connect with you and your home campus counselor to get the process moving.