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Aviation Discovery

Explores from the beginnings of aviation to aviation in the future. Included in this course will be a look at history of airships, aviation pioneers, Federal Aviation Administration, Air Traffic Control, aviation airspace, aviation weather, future aviation and careers in aviation.


  • Identify significant contributors to aviation including early pioneers, various aircraft and what role they played in aviation history, the beginnings of aviation legislation, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Examine the structure of the Federal Aviation Administration and how they govern the aviation industry.

  • Identify airspace classifications within the National Airspace System.

  • Describe the basic workings of the Air Traffic Control system from the departure point to arrival at the destination.

  • Define the impact and importance of weather in the aviation environment.

  • Investigate the changes to aviation in the future.

  • Evaluate opportunities for various careers in aviation.

  • Develop and exhibit a basic understanding of professionalism and expectations for aviation related careers.

Course ID: AVT 107