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Fall 2020 On-Demand Back-to-School Event

Greetings, Futures Lab Families -

As we reach the halfway point of this short, snowy week of school we would like to take a moment to officially welcome you and your learner to the Futures Lab community. We are excited to share that, as of September 8, Futures Lab is serving 130 students this semester in grades 9-12. These learners represent a diverse cross-section of PSD and come from all eight of our secondary schools to engage in hands-on learning across seven different Pathways.

We are excited to share a few quick updates with you:

First, we are pleased to invite you to our virtual Back-to-School event which will run on-demand next week. The event will be online at our Learner Expo website at https://futureslablearnerexpo.org with on-demand teacher videos beginning on Monday, September 14. Teachers will also have individual 10-minute slots available at various times from Tuesday, September 15, through Thursday, September 17, for those who would like to schedule some one-on-one time.

Second, we are continuing to update our website at https://futureslab.psdschools.org. There, you will find information on all our pathways as well as bios of our team members. Several of our semester-long pathways will start or re-start in January so if you have a student in one of our semester-long pathways who'd like to stay with us in the spring, or if you know other families who may be interested, we are excited to continue to grow our programs. Among the one-semester options coming in the spring are our Coding pathway (which is available for math credit), our Business Incubator pathway, and our Audio Production pathway. Based on student demand, we are reviewing the feasability of starting a second section of our popular Aviation pathway in the spring so if that interests you, please let us know. Students in our Coding pathway earn 3 concurrent enrollment credits at AIMS for Mobile App Development and those in our Aviation pathway earn 6 CE credits in the AIMS Aviation program.

Third, we are excited to share that our Young Women in Leadership group is open to female students at any of our PSD high schools; enrollment in Futures Lab classes is not required. YWL has grown quite a bit this year and the new student leadership team and is excited to host upcoming virtual events and (hopefully!) in-person events as soon as it's safe to do so. Please take a look at the YWL website, sign up for email updates, and reach out to our faculty advisor, Heather Emerson, for more information on YWL.

Finally, we would like to share the following message from the PSD Board of Education:
The Board of Education is interested in student feedback and participation in our PSD Student Think Tank! Please complete the form at this link and help us understand the student perspective. (As a side note, it would be fantastic to see Futures Lab students represented in this group! - SE)