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Dr. Scott Elias

Director, Career & Innovation , Lead Learner, Futures Lab


Hi. I'm Scott and I'm thrilled to be the Director of Career & Innovation in PSD and serve as the lead learner at the Futures Lab. I started my career teaching high school math and science and eventually became an administrator, serving as an assistant principal and principal at both the middle and high school level. 

In 2013, I left public education for what I thought was my dream job on the education team at Apple Inc. While working at Apple was an incredible experience, after 5 years I realized that my passion is developing new experiences for all learners. I landed in PSD as the Director of Innovation in the summer of 2018 and currently work on several projects, including leading the design of the learning spaces at our district's three new campuses and leading the work on the Futures Lab project.

I have the privilege of working with an incredibly talented team of educators and we are committed to creating something new in PSD that benefits all learners and provides a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

As a lifelong learner, I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I like cooking (my specialties are round, flat foods like burgers, pancakes, and pizza), hiking, paddleboarding, and photography. I have a big time gadget addiction. When I get into something, I get way into it. I still want to learn to code, weld, and fly a drone. I live in Timnath with my wife and two kids, both PSD students, as well as our two rescue dogs, Mocha and Aspen.