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Steps to officially register

  1. Decide on a Pathway. You can review each Pathway and the specific courses contained by clicking on a Pathway icon or the Pathway menu.  

  2. Click here to submit your course request for one of our 2022-23 pathways.  

  3. In late January and into February, your school counselor will be giving you information on how to "course select" for the 2022-2023 school year.  As you are selecting courses from your home high school, also make sure to request the courses associated with your selected pathway.  You can find pathway course ids here.

What happens next

  1. In late spring, our counselor, Bethany Condon, will review your request and reach out to you and your home high school counselor to get you registered for spring.  We will reach out to you to confirm your spot in your selected pathway. 

  2. Keep an eye on your email this spring for a transportation survey to complete if you require bussing to and from your home high school.  

If you have any questions about registration, contact Bethany Condon, Futures Lab counselor.  

Is your learner interested in building their resume through learning, leading, collaborating, and competing in subjects they love? If so, come to the Technology Student Association’s first meeting of the year on September 15, from 4–4:30pm. We will meet in the Audio Production wing here at the lab. We will also provide a virtual meeting link for any interested learners who are not able to attend in-person. TSA involves so many fascinating content areas from Audio Production to Cybersecurity to Game and Web Design, Coding, and Architecture. If it’s a STEM area, it’s probably part of TSA. You or your learner can email Tim Hanauer or stop by the audio production studio at the lab with any questions. Hope to see you September 15!

Sharing your learning is an integral part of the work we do at Futures Lab and even unexpected remote learning can't slow our learners down. We're proud to showcase our first ever Virtual Exhibition and hope you'll head over and take a look!