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Essential Skills

Futures Lab Essential Skills 1.0

At the Lab, we affectionately refer to these skills as “the PEEPs” for simplicity’s sake. The four areas below are based on a simplified version of the Colorado Essential Skills.

A minimum of 30% of a learner’s grades at the Lab is based on their “soft skills” as measured by their Essential Skills growth. If you would like to see how we support students in their self-assessment, take a look at our PEEPs continuum.


Self-aware: Are you aware of how your emotions influence your behavior?

Initiative: Do you make connections and pursue opportunities that align with your strengths and interests?

Personal Responsibility: Are you able to regulate your thoughts and emotions and adapt your behavior to a variety of situations?

Resilience: Are you comfortable with ambiguity and changing priorities?


Problem Solving: Do you apply a systematic approach to identify, define, and prototype solutions to complex problems?

Divergent Thinking: Are you able to synthesize previous experience and new information to create novel solutions to problems?

Curiosity: Do you regularly ask questions about the world around you?

Courage: Are you willing to risk failure in order to act on creative ideas?


Collaboration: Are you able to work as a member of a diverse team to produce a shared result?

Communication: Are you able to articulate thoughts and ideas in a manner that can be understood?

Global Mindedness: Are you developing solutions that benefit others?

Character: Are you mindful of the impact of your words and actions?


Project Management: Do you establish goals and timelines and take responsibility for delivering high-quality products?

Career Awareness: Are you pursuing a path of inquiry based on knowledge of your interests and strengths?

Information Literacy: Do you develop solutions using information accurately, ethically, and creatively?

Digital Agility: Do you identify, learn, and apply relevant and appropriate technologies to solve complex problems?

Self-Advocacy: Are you able to articulate gaps in your knowledge or skills and seek the resources needed to address them?

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