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Futures LAB

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Registration & Scheduling

Futures Lab offers Pathways for students seeking in-depth, immersive experiences in an area of interest. Pathways are groups of courses that earn graduation and/or concurrent enrollment credit, as well as training for industry recognized certifications. Bussing is provided round-trip from all PSD high schools. Students can work with their high school counselor to register for Futures Lab Pathways just like any other high school course.

Steps to officially register

  1. Decide on a Pathway. You can review each Pathway and the specific courses contained by clicking on a Pathway icon or the Pathway menu.  Check out the Futures Lab Pathway Schedule on the left under Links to see when your desired pathway meets.

  2. Consider how your Pathway choice fits in your ICAP/4-year course plan for graduation and plan your registration accordingly. 

  3. Submit your course request on the Futures Lab Interest Form available to the left of this page under Links.  Please make sure you are including your Futures Lab request on your home high school course registration request.  Talk to your school counselor if you have questions. 

What happens next

  1. Course requests are processed in each school during April and May. In some specific scheduling circumstances, you may be contacted if course conflicts arise so you can make decisions on what you want to prioritize in your overall schedule.

  2. Once schedules are finalized in May/June, your Futures Lab Pathway courses will integrate with your home campus courses in your schedule. Students receive schedules at different times depending on their high school, but should be viewable in ParentVUE/StudentVUE by early August at the latest.

  3. In early August, several weeks before the start of school, we will be in touch with students who are scheduled in Futures Lab to provide logistical information. We know questions will arise ahead of the first day of school and we will prioritize being available. We may also hold an orientation/tour night ahead of the first day of school if the construction on our new Futures Lab campus on Prospect & Timberline is complete on time.

If you have any questions about registration, contact Bethany Condon, Futures Lab counselor.