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Futures LAB

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Optional- Blended/Online Grad. Requirement (5 cr.)

Meeting Time

Tuesdays & Thursdays after Pathway block

Course Description

To help make Futures Lab accessible, students will have the option to take a blended/online courses in one of the following PSD graduation requirement areas:

  • Economics

  • American Government

  • Humanities

  • Language Arts (met with Basic Speech or Creative Writing)


How to take an Online/Blended course at Futures Lab:

Blended/online courses will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays and will have some flexibility to integrate with student work in their Futures Lab pathway.

As student schedules are developed during registration/scheduling season, they can work with their counselor to add one of these courses to their scheduled time at the Futures Lab if it makes sense and./or helps alleviate schedule conflicts. Once approved, their counselor can simply notify Nick Peterson, the Futures Lab counselor, and the course will be added.

These courses are not intended to be a replacement if the graduation requirement can easily be met on their home campus.

Graduation Requirement

Counselor approval

Notify Futures Lab counselor within 1-2 weeks of the start of school to add.