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I am super excited to join Futures Lab for the 2022-23 school year!
This year I will be teaching Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, and Seminar for students taking the Culinary pathway.
This is my 11th year in Poudre School District, where I have been an integrated services teacher at multiple sites.
What I look forward to most this year is being part of a dynamic and passionate team of staff and students and growing as a learner while facilitating student growth in knowledge of themselves, their potential, and their relationships with others. My intention is to invite students to revisit ideas and passions they once cared deeply about as younger learners and to explore these areas with a fresh lens that is open to taking risks, partnering with our community, and leading their own learning.
If you are still reading this, you must be interested about Futures Lab! So, sign up for a pathway and then sign your best friend up as well!
Let's have a great year!

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